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How many hours have you invested in hopping between various "discount" travel websites, longing for more detailed insights about resorts beyond the glossy photos?

Engaging a travel agent not only conserves your valuable time and potentially saves money but also provides a vital resource should any issues arise during your vacation.

Consider this: what if the hotel room you booked doesn't match the photos on the discount website? Have you explored trip insurance options to safeguard your investment? Are there sufficient activities at the resort catering to the diverse age range of your children, spanning from 10 years old and beyond? And in the event of a hurricane, what measures are in place?

These are the kinds of questions that a knowledgeable travel agent like us can address, ensuring your vacation is not just hassle-free but truly memorable.

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Vacation Planning

Utilizing the services of a travel advisor does not increase the cost of your trip. Our services add value by saving you time and money along with the stress of knowing your trip is planned with every detail in mind.  So not only will you have the knowledge and experience of a travel agent to help you book your trip, should something happen during your stay, we’re here to help with the inside contacts to get you what you need, quickly!




We can handle everything from your guests flights and resort room bookings to your plans for flowers, processional music and every other wedding detail.  With experience in both wedding planning and travel, we can offer you a customizable package with services under one company with the attention to detail and support you need to plan the perfect destination wedding.

Why hire Stephanie Day Events and Travel to book your travel for you?

1) I know resorts, locations and background information on the travel industry to narrow your search for the perfect spot quickly.
2)I track the ever-changing country entry regulations, documents needed and health requirements around the world.”  I’ll provide you with a detailed list of what to do prior to travel, what to pack and how to navigate getting to and from your destination.
3)If you need help before or during travel to reschedule, cancel or change your itinerary, I am the one to wait on hold with the airline or hotel while you continue to enjoy your vacation.
4)Peace of mind that I have your best interest in mind at all times.  I’m not a call center who has no idea who you are and what your preferences are.
5) I can potentially find deals only offered through travel industry suppliers and most of my services are free of charge to you.  My commission is paid from the supplier or hotel AFTER you travel.


We are partnered with a global agency to support all your travel needs which means we are able to get you the best rates, personalized service with the agency backing to know you can travel with confidence.

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